Dhammachal projects: At the Foot-hills of Ajantha Caves

The Mission

All of the Dhammachal projects are run  by  a public trust 'Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Research Institute of Pali & Buddhism'  registered under Bombay Trust Act 1950 via registration no. E-1152 (AU) . The trust's social and economic mission is derived  from the thoughts and philosophy of  Dr Babasaheb Amebdkar,the father of Indian Constitution. Essentially the approach is to inherit humanistic Buddhism while shaping-up academics, culture and social change.


World Buddhist University

The aim is to rebuild on historical legacy of Nalanda. Nalanda was one of the leading Universities in the world ill 600 AD as recorded by the Chinese Master Huen Tsang.

Dhammachal is a 100 acre campus at the foot-hills of Ajantha Caves. An international Buddhist University is one of the core projects in Dhammachal campus. Numerous international students will be able to do research and they will be able to take up courses in different disciplines but especially in Buddhist literature.  The University will cater to Buddhist philosophy, psychology, medicine, Buddhist arts, and other related disciplines. It will have collaborations with other worldly universities. It will have residential facility for students and international faculty.


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Executive Hotel

Dhammachal is a 100 acre campus at the foot-hills of Ajantha Caves. There is an economic opportunity to develop a  5-star international hotel to host thousands of foreign tourist visiting historic UNESCO site. The foreign visitors currently require to travel 600 Km from Mumbai to Aurangabad where they stay put for a night and next morning they travel for 2 hours to reach Ajantha Caves. The visitors include researchers, retired people, faith believers, students, historians, artists, monks, nuns, adventurists etc. They may like to stay and study more. There will be family visitors who would be interested in  Vihara stay and Hotel accommodation together. Global tourists may prefer intercontinental food which is not available in the vicinity yet. Dhammachal will offer unique experience for worldwide Buddhist practitioners and tourists at footstep of Ajantha - a snapshot of both Buddhist traditions spread over 2000 years. This is similar to what Korean Buddhist temples cater to.

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Helipad & Ropeway

Dhammachal is a 100 acre campus at the foot-hills of Ajantha Caves. A commercial helipad facility is planned to help international and domestic tourists transfer from Mumbai to Ajantha and back. This will save around 10 to 20 hours of travel time especially for old visitors. Less time for travels means more time to spend at Ajintha Caves and do architectural study.

Whereas to reach the Ajantha quicker from foot-hills, a rope-way project is planned. There are similar rope-way projects across Asia. For example, The Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)  situated in Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China  has a rope-way that charges $20 for a single person.  At Dhammachal campus, a similar rope way can attract a huge number of pilgrims and followers who can directly see and visit Ajantha caves,Pagoda sites and other projects from the top. Instead of CNG buses, rope-ways are considered  as more cleaner and more cheaper.

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Next Steps...

The trust invites global collaboration into various Dhammachal projects. The interested parties can write us back. Based on the signed mandate, parties will be invited to join periodic strategic planning discussions.  The project promises solid financial returns and social impact.

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