Collaborative Approach

The members of Dhammachal executive body come from different walks of life- education sector, Buddhism, governance, business, legal, etc. The approach is  collaborative  in nature, the scope of work demands global partnerships. The blueprint of the mission has already been set-up by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who brought in peaceful revolution in India. Essentially inheriting humanistic Buddhist values while collaborating and shaping up academics, culture and social transformation.

Dhammachal Journey

Dhammachal has its roots into cultural and educational transformation of Indian Buddhist community. At leadership level, it has connects with Peoples Education Society (PES) Trust which runs a great number of colleges since 1950s.  Working on the founding vision of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, PES has successfully promoted education and employment in poor households so that they could live with dignity. I last 5 decades, the literacy rate level amongst Indian Buddhists crossed 90%; far ahead of any other social groups .

Dhammachal Executives

The Dhammachal Team constitutes leaders who understand hyper local working dynamics and adaptable to international developments. Most of them are seasoned experts and are linked to various people organisations, movements, governance, political groups, investors, developers and international networks. In their lifetime, the most of them have faced hardships but successfully worked on various social, and commercial commitments. It is the strength of the core team that has led millions of people thronging towards Dhammachal site every year . Government has become now become actively involved in facilitating basic infrastructure to the project site. The commutative work experience of the core members is more than 300 years.

Dr S. P. Gaikwad

Founding President


Known as MONK in WHITE in India, he is a spirited social activist and  a leader at grass roots. Currently,  he is also working Chairman of  Peoples Education Society (PES) which was founded by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. People Education society  has to its credit several colleges across the state of Maharastra and under leadership of Dr S.P. Gaikwad, the colleges have grown in numbers and have produced distinguished leaders from the buddhist community. Unmarried for the cause, Dr S.P. Gaikwad is a known name in Buddhist and educational movement in India. He is the main architect of Dhammchal and majorly responsible in acquiring a quantum of land close to Ajintha. He is respected by the Head of the states for his years of dedicated work

Mr. R.K. Gaikwad, IAS

Executive Director


Mr R.K. Gaikwad has four decade of experience as civil servant. He started as deputy collector and retired as Commissioner of Social Justice with Government of Maharastra, Even after retirement due to his network and access to Public offices, he instrumental in liasoning multi-million projects those are entangled into regulatory complications including investments and land matters. As a commissioner, he handled public outlay of (6700 Cr) equals to $1 billion that required him to see through the civil work, educational activities, scholarships, hostels and empowerment projects. As an executive director he will be defacto Chief Executive Officer for Dhammachal. He will be responsible for planning, domestic and international coordination and overall strategy development.

Mr. S. L. Jadhav

Vice President

Mr S.L Jadhav  has nearly 40 years of  work experience.  He started as an  executive engineer with department of Public works, Government of Maharstra, he retired as a secretary of Public works Department. Over the years he has monitored more than $2 billion outlay for the State Government developing critical civil infrastructure.  With him, Dhammachal Project will get not just his skills but also his network like contractors, structural engineers, planners and auditors. As a Vice-President, he will be involved into planning and execution of major development and civil construction activities Dhammachal.

Dr G..K. Dongargaonkar, MBA


Dr G.K. Dongargaonkar is a Mumbai based educationalist. He was a former vice-principal of Siddharth College. He possesses multitude of experience running bucket of colleges and designing market oriented courses. Rahul Shikshan Prasarak Mandal is among one of the reputed colleges of Mumbai, He has nearly 35 years of work experience. He started his carrier as a Professor with University of Mumbai. He is widely traveled person and attended several academic conference, and presented papers. He himself was on the senate of Mumbai University He is linked to decision makers in India but more than that he brings with himself a rare learning experience of providing highest quality to educational apparatus. He is an astute financial planner and works as Treasurer for Dhammachal project. He takes responsibility of financial planning of several projects.

Dr Upgupt Mahathero


With a Doctorate in Pali literature and Buddhism , Dr Upgupt Mahathero spent 30 years into monkshood, He has an exceptional ability to connect with people, organise millions in a short call and conduct seamless international events. Following the path, he has ordained a number of no-voice into Buddhist tradition. His heart lies into the spiritual and educational projects belonging to Dhammachal. He has been connected to 100's of local Buddhist Vihars and easily he commands a network of trained monks who are also point of interaction with local Buddhist community. He arranges annul gatherings to encourage youth to participate into Buddhist movement. He is trained in Abhidhamma Pitaka and Vinaya Pitaka in Shrilanka and Thailand respectively. He is a gifted orator.

Mr. B.K. Admane


Jt. Secretary

Having worked for years with Government Of Maharashtra's department, Mr B.K. Admanne dedicated an important time in social work and projects.  He has an exceptional ability to work on details, organise millions in a short call and conduct seamless domestic events. He is a man of action at Dhammachal. He has been connected to 100's of local Buddhist Vihars and easily interacts with local Buddhist community.

Next Steps...

A prospective partner who has interest in Dhammachal mandate and wants to have first tour to Campus and Ajantha Caves, will be accommodated at Monk's Abode. The party may reach out here. It would be good to have a passport copy and a reference from Chief abbot of a monastery they are attached to.

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