AIM #1

To build on the historic legacy of Buddhism and to facilitate modern system of knowledge thereby introducing harmonious living and  reducing levels of socio-economic and political conflict.

AIM #2

To promote scientific studies in Buddhism and to propagate alternative forms of Buddhist expressions, arts, philosophy, psychology and techniques that could help an individual to reconstruct self and society.

AIM #3

To encourage Buddhist spiritual environment  values of justice, equality, liberty and justice. Building a state of art meditation center, an international university and several commercial viable facilities in order to attract masses and to build cross-cultural dialogue across nationalities.

Social Impact; moderate returns

Providing educational facility to poor students and to invite intellectual capital by hosting world-class conferences, symposium , international site tours and educational events at the foothills of Ajantha.

Compassionate World; Buddhist Exchange

The region has rich history of trade and arts exchange right from 150 BC to 800 AD. The cave had influence of both traditions of Buddhism namely Theravada and Mahayana. Similarly Dhammachal trades a unique path across shores of wisdom and compassion. The spirit of the project  therefore lies in education and tourism.

Next Steps…

If you think you can contribute to this unique project by any means, please rich out to our team. Dhammachal is expected to raise funds to the tune of USD 500Million for mission. Please do come and Join..

Call to Action

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