According to the vision of Dhammachal projects, different stages of  Infrastructure development and fund raising are planned,  There seems to be qualified interest from Buddhist and scholars from Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, China and other Nations.  The goal is to have an International Campus with global partnerships from these countries as seen in Bodhagaya.

The trust was legally registered in the year 2007. Much has been achieved in early work stages:

Land Survey &  Purchase

The trust raised funds for strategic acquisition of the Dhammachal premises since Year 2007. The acquisition is the most difficult task but archived in an amicable manner due to vibrant executive body.

Now the campus is spread over nearly 100 acres  that has direct access to State highway connecting Aurangabad to Jalgaon .  More land for the project is under acquisition.Earlier investment has come primarily through individual donations of the Trust members.

Campus Land Leveling & Utility

A project planner agency was engaged. They provided  the architectural plan for Dhammachal campus. Due to increased visits from locals,  ground was leveled and annual Dhamma related events were started happening early in 2007 in a temporary shades. The work is still going on as the project is still in the planning stage. Sewage line, water line and electricity supply were also ensured by 2012.


Road Development, Buddha Staues & Guest House

The internal road development is fasclitated by the Engineering skills within the leadership team and also State Government shown the interest in developing the roads and infrastructure. The state government helped to build the bridge over the small river in the premises.

This has given a great relief during monsoon. A huge single stone Buddha Satute was built according to the vision of Dhammachal. There were funds raised from local donars quickly.

The local funds were also raised by the team for building a open hall for 200 people and rest rooms with all facilities for 60 monk who can stay here during rainy season.

Guest House for delegates

The state government has year marked the funds for the development of Guest houses for delegates that will house atleast 100 delegates anytime. The budget of nearly $4 million from the State Government is  sanctioned  and work will resume soon.

Project Partners

The Dhammachal projects are concetualised keeping in mind creation economic and cultural value in short run. The Dhammachal offers good opportunity to like-minded financial or operational partners. The partners may bring in smart advises plus investments to derive maximum value from the Dhammachal campus project. There are always visits from different delegates but recent was a visit from Embassy of Thailand in India and Taiwanese Entrepreneurs.


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